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Suzuki of a female department manager who has a subordinate who can not work, has difficulty suppressing irritation, and starts masturbating to stress dissipation in an office where no one is present. On another day, Koi goes late at night and after drinking drunk and returning to the company, his men are working overtime. What is the action taken by a subordinate who can not take care of getting into the house without seeing a child in a state of drunkenness? In the workplace, please see the figure where a strict boss who does not let the woman feel is inserted into his / her subordinate Sao...

1pondo 031318_657 一本道 031318_657 働きウーマン 〜男をあごで使うクールな女部長〜 郡司結子...仕事ができない部下を抱え、苛立ちを抑えきれず、誰もいないオフィスでストレス発散にオナニーをおっぱじめる女部長の結子。別の日に結子が夜遅くに接待の後に酔っ払って会社に戻るとできない部下が残業中。泥酔状態の結子を見かね、家に連れ込み介抱するはずのできない部下が取った行動とは?職場では女を感じさせない厳しい上司が部下のサオを挿し込まれると、ただのメスになってしまう姿をご覧下さい。

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