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Director: Michiru Sun Series: School Uniform Uniform Beauty Maker Prestige Label: Red vipers Genre: Uniform, Big Boobs, Amateur, Bukkake, Squirting, Deep Throating, Sample Movie Product code: 118aka063 The general affairs "N · Y" of the medical equipment manufacturer. In order to compensate for the income which I feel somewhat insufficient for living alone, I visited the interview with a sense of "short-term byte". Although he has few experienced people, he said he was enjoying various play with men who had previously joined. In order to ascertain the instinct secret from the privileged body, proposing a test shot after the closing day. Her majo who came to a room of the hotel is already moist, and it has no impediment to her hand. When the piston becomes severe it shows a pleasing full-face expression, and at the woman on top posture it gets hurried hard and reaches the cum. The next proposal for her talented girl is 'Bukkake'. Go to her workplace so that an honest beautiful woman drowns in pleasure to the camera

. 監督: みちるサン シリーズ: シロウト制服美人 メーカー: プレステージ レーベル: 赤まむし ジャンル: 制服,巨乳,素人,ぶっかけ,潮吹き,イラマチオ,サンプル動画 品番: 118aka063 医療機器メーカーの総務『N・Yさん』。一人暮らしにはやや不十分と感じている収入を補うため、「短期バイト」感覚で面接に訪れた。経験人数は少ないながらも、以前交際していた男性とは様々なプレイで楽しんでいたという。恵まれた肉体に秘めた本能を確かめるべく、終業後に試し撮りを提案。ホテルの一室へやって来た彼女のマ○コはすでに湿っており、差し出したチ○コを抵抗なく咥える。ピストンが激しくなると愉悦に満ちた表情を見せ、騎乗位では懸命に腰を振り乱して絶頂へ達する。才能豊かな彼女への次なる提案は‘ぶっかけ’。実直な美女が快楽に溺れる様をカメラに収めるべく、彼女の職場へ足を運ぶ…。

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