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エロ Sosuke and Saeko are acquainted at a pub, "Kitao" and plan to join Keiji and Mamie who are acquainted with each other in their neighbors. Today I was drinking at home and drinking, but drunk Sosuke begins putting a mess in Saeko in the bedroom so that the two who are over the wall will not fall asleep. Keiji and Mamie who had fallen asleep realized that atmosphere ...? !

壮介と紗子は、居酒屋「北尾」で知り合いご近所同士で仲良くしている微妙な関係の圭司と麻梨恵をくっつけようと画策。今日も自宅に招き飲んでいたが、酔っぱらった壮介が壁一枚向こうにいる二人にバレないように寝室で紗子にちょっかいを出し始める。寝入ってしまっていた圭司と麻梨恵が、その雰囲気に気づいてしまい…?! by JavFast